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“For the record, that summer our girl caught a cuerpazo so bersek that only a pornographer or a comic-book artist could have designed it with a clear conscience. Every neighborhood has its tetúa, but Beli could have put them all to shame, she was La Tetúa Suprema: her tetas were globes so implausibly titanic they made generous souls pity their bearer and drove every straight male in their vicinity to reevaluate his sorry life. She had the Breast of Luba (35DDD). And what about that supersonic culo that could tear words right out of niggers’ mouth, pull windows from out their motehrfucking frames? A culo que jalaba más que una junta de buey. Dios mio!”

“Everybody in Santo Domingo has a fukú story knocking around in their family. I have a twelve-daughter uncle in the Cibao who believes that he’d been cursed by an old lover never to have male children. Fukú. I have a tía who believes she’d have been denied happiness because she’ laughed at a rival’s funeral. Fukú. My paternal abuelo believes that Diaspora was Trujillo’s payback to the pueblo that betrayed him. Fukú”.